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  • When and how do I pay for the tours I book with LRS Private Tours?
    We operate on a basis of trust. No advance payment is required to make a reservation. The customer pays at the end of each tour. We respect the new privacy laws, but contact details are required, fill out the booking form. For our part, as soon as we receive it, we will contact you to schedule and prepare your excursion. Fees for the tours can be paid in cash, credit card or ATM (MB).
  • Do you have conditions for people with limited mobility?
    On the booking form there is a place to let us know about any mobility issues. We will take into account everything you tell us and try to accommodate as best we can.
  • What is the meeting point? Can you pick us up at our hotel?
    For your convenience, our guide will pick you up directly from your hotel, home, airport, train or cruise terminal.
  • What makes a private tour different from organized tours?
    When you book a private tour, every detail about these tours is personalized. Specifically, the schedule, the itinerary, will always be adapted to your availability and specific interests. After submitting a booking request, we will contact you to plan the tour in the best possible way to accommodate your needs.
  • Do you offer regular fixed tours?
    All our tours are available upon request. We guarantee all our tours any day of the week, however, a prior reservation is required. The tours listed on this website are our regular tours, but we can always arrange or modify tours to suit your interests. We are totally flexible to reorganize any of the tours listed on this site as well as we can suggest, recommend other tour schedules not listed on this same site.
  • Can I change the dates of my tour(s) after booking?
    You can change the dates or times of a reservation, but we appreciate that you give us two days' notice of the change or cancellation, by email, calls or WhatsApp messages.
  • What time does the tour start and end?
    - Half day tours start at 9:00 am. and ends at 13:00 hrs. - Half-day afternoon tours start at 2:00 pm. and ends at 18:00 hrs. - Full daily tours start at 9:00 hr. and ends at 18:00 hr.
  • Can you recommend places to stay while in Portugal?
    Yes, we can recommend places to stay. Just let us know when and where you'd like to stay and we can give you a selection of places and prices.
  • Can we choose our own attractions, castles, museums, etc... to visit on our tours?"
    Yes, you can choose which castles or attractions you prefer and we will manage our tour time accordingly. In principle, we are flexible about all tour schedules and attractions to visit.
  • Are there special prices for children?
    Yes, there are special prices for children. Prices and discounts for children are listed on the tour pages and on the booking form.
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